Always Updating

Yay! We have finished up installing new processes and services to mainstream all of the back-end of your website for easier management. This will benefit you as your monthly tasks will be updated in a swift manner.

Features such as, but not limited to:

  • Behavior tracking: We create a visual graphic on how your clients interact on your website.
  • A universes of stock images: We are talking hi-resolution images that completely engage your audience – free to distribute no attribution.
  • Latest and greatest mobile responsive code: Making sure your website does what it needs to do to get where you want to be..whatever that means!
  • Non – destructive page layout: If you have a page layout and decide you like the one from last week? We can restore without data loss!
  • So much more for Design templates and custom, Search Engine, Marketing Tools , and the kitchen sink…as seen below.

Why? Because we feel strongly that your website can be amazing so we have also implemented a new set of dynamic features that will transform your content to be more interactive. Such as media rich multi-layers animated banners, Social Network interaction, Call to action features, SEO tools that will help keep you going upwards in the ranks.

Yes we threw in the kitchen sink

Here are some things you can do:

It is important to update your website regularly. Here are some tips to help boost security and ensure you have the most stable version of your website:

  • Using AKismet helps with filtering spam comments and avoids access to offensive comments.
  • Stay up to date with plugins you install, sometimes an older version can cause problems.
  • If you are using a theme, be sure update. This typically will solve any faulty errors that some of your visitors may experience.
  • Also installing a dedicated security plugin, they are free and robust. We use Sucuri here and we are a fan of Wordfence as well.

We appreciate your business and work to see your vision come to life. If you have any questions please contact us at