The best way to get something done is to begin! ~ Author Unknown

Why is that website still in the back of your mind?

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or freelancer, having a website isn’t optional – it’s essential. But you already know that. You know about the accessibility, advertising, and credibility a website offers. The endless lists of benefits have convinced you a website is a great idea, but it’s still just that: an idea. So what’s holding you back? I’m sure a few reasons come to mind.

Building and running a website isn’t easy. But for every obstacle you can google there are 10 pages of results; maybe that’s how you found this piece. It’s true that there are no real free resources, and even the DIY route has it’s costs (time and quality are couple that come to mind). But the challenge of building a website, as real as it may be, isn’t why we  aren’t enjoying the benefits of having one today. If you didn’t think the benefits were worth the cost and risk, than you would be done with the idea altogether.

That website is still in the back of your mind because that’s where you’ve left it. Reviewing the benefits can stir your interest, and researching the available resources can build your confidence, but neither of those are going to transform your idea for a website into a Goal. Only you can do that.

As with everything else, there’s more than one way to set a goal. It doesn’t matter if you’re a list maker, visualizer, or 7-stepper. Whatever you’re method is – make it a goal. Than figure out the first step. Maybe it’s tackling those 10 pages of google results on DIY web design. Or maybe it’s getting in touch with a designer for a consultation. Whatever that first step is. Take it!